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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The 7 Secrets of Slim People

I read something profound last night...

"You were born a naturally slim eater. It's your birhright...claim it."  -The 7 Secrets of Slim People

Really? I was born a slim eater? Hmmmmm, I can't remember a time when food wasn't an issue with me. Seriously sad, right?

According to the book the naturally slim people eat this way...

*Only when they are physically hungry.
*They eat what they most are hungry for.
* They stop when there bodies are satisfied {comfortable or not hungry anymore} rather than when they are full.
*They give their food their conscious attention when they eat.
*They notice how their bodies feel during and after eating.
*They have no "good" or "bad" foods. All foods are to be enjoyed. {now there's a concept, huh?}
*They don't stuff uncomfortable feelings under food.

How in the heck did these people learn this? And more importantly why don't I eat this way? What happened to me to get me here with this twisted way I eat now? I mean come day "I'm good" day "bad". One day I starve myself...the next day I eat clean. I think there have been a few days out of 44 years I have eaten the "natural slim" way.

According to the book the answer is simple....

"Recover you natural relationship with food."

Have I EVER had a natural relationship with food? Let's see...NO. Food has always been a reward, a treat, a way to not feel lonely, to not feel pain, to feel happy, to feel good, to feel loved and wanted. Oh, my food issues are deep. Yes they are. I could tell you food stories that would have tears running down your cheeks and into your shoes. I won't go into the details today.

What I will do is share my experiment with you. As the book suggests I am eating whatever I want today. The catch is I have to be truly hungry. Not starving...but hungry. You know when your tummy growls or all you can do is think about food due to hunger {not emotions or because your bored or it sounds good}. You eat because your body is telling you to. Then you stop just right when you are full. Your satisfied but not stuffed. Your pants don't feel tight. You don't feel sick. You just feel happy that hunger has gone away.

So far today here is what I've eaten and when. Oh, and just so you know I have only eaten when I am truly hungry!!

7:20 AM 1/2 roll with peanut butter, one Acttivia yogurt smoothie
9:30 AM 1 cup rice chex cereal dry
11:00 AM 4 wheat crackers with 1 serving chedder cheese
1:25 PM 1 banana

So there ya' go. I really listening to my body today. Giving it truly what it wants when it wants. I am still drinking lots of water and no soda {i did have one yesterday though...just 12 ounces}.

As I continue with this I'll share more of the book as well as my progress and ideas.

What are you eating these days? Please share!!


  1. Les
    Did I tell you that I checked out this book at the library a few months ago and liked it so much that I bought it? I followed it for a week or so and felt great but then got busy, holidays came, and really got away from it's truths. I am so excited that you are following this! I am going to start listening to my body again too! Today is going well, but I swear that I didn't allow myself to get truly hungry the whole month of December. In fact, I was beyond satisfied a good share of the time. Uggh. But new beginnings now. The best part is how yummy food tastes when you are really hungry and how light you feel when you are just satisfied, not full. I am so excited to take this journey together! 2011 is going to be amazing! We need to get together!!

  2. This is really great Leslie! It is not easy to change your eating habits. I am a naturally slim person, but my challenge in healthy food. I am doing okay, but the busy days have been a struggle. Eating fast food just made sense with the limited time. I have made some adjustments to help on these days. I enjoy eating home cooked food and I hope this becomes a natural part of my lifestyle soon!

  3. That sounds great! I certainly need to start listening to my body as well!

  4. I totally identify with your food issues. I'm an emotional eater - happy, sad, bored. Oddly enough, my son eats just how the book describes, only when he's hungry. He'll even turn down cookies(he's 4), just because he's not hungry at the time. So, I'm learning from him. I think I'm going to try this strategy tomorrow! :-)

  5. Like Joyce said - her 4 year old does it. Maybe part of our problem is that our parents made us eat at certain times (breakfast, lunch and supper) rather than just when we were hungry and made us eat what THEY ate, rather than what WE wanted to eat. Plus we were forcd to clean our plates. Ugh! And now what do we do? We raise our kids the same way! I want to take back my life and eat what I want only when I am truely hungry. Thank you Leslie :)

  6. I am so not the person that book describes:( Sounds just like what I have read about intuitive eating. Makes perfect sense but doesn't make it easy. Sigh. In my mind I think I consider that "normal" and clearly I do not have a normal relationship with food. I have no idea when I got so off track.

  7. I understand what you mean when you talk about your relationship with food. You're not alone :). In regards to the skinny people tips---I guess that's the "common sense" natural approach that we should all take. However, we all have different things going on in our lives that could sometimes skew the "natural process". But anyways, these days Im eating balanced foods and as healthy as I can. I believe that food is to be enjoyed--but never abused.