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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Skinny Me's first Award!

Sooo many feelings, too much food mixed in with lots of creative thinking last week. Oh my! I am taking an amazing class from the very talented Melody Ross called "Soul Restoration". Not only are we doing some fabulous art but we are baring our souls in our Art Journals. Girls,  I think by the end of the class {5 weeks from now} I just may have figured this whole eating thing out!

Before I get to my most amazing AWARD I gotta tell you about an app that is changing my life...seriously! It's called "Calorie Counter" by FatSecret. I downloaded it to my Blackberry Sunday and love it! Soooo easy to keep track of what I'm eating and the calories I'm burning. Along with every food you can think of there are dozens and dozens of restaurants listed. Did you know that my favorite meal at AppleBee's has over 2,000 calories in it??!! What is it? Their Crispy Orange Chicken Bowl!! Okay, I am never, ever getting that again. Sheesh!

If you have a Blackberry or one of those Ipod thingys {i am so bad with this} try and find this app. It is my miracle of the week!

Okay...on to my AWARD! Sweet Karen over at "Waisting Time" has given "Skinny Me" it's very first Blog Award! Thank you, Karen...made my day:) I need to tell you 7 things about myself then pass on the love. So much fun!

7 Things about ME;)

I am a HUGE "Twilight" fan. Read all the books, have seen each movie many times and am not afraid to say that Edward makes me swoon. This is a fun thing my daughter and I share.

I have ran 2 marathons and finished one sprint trialthon {all in my 30's}

I have a degree in radio/tv. I was a DJ for years and wrote a weekly column for our town's paper for 5 years.

I LOVE rollercoasters!!! Especially the big steel ones where your feet dangle. Soooo fun!

I own almost every Stephen King book and am currently reading "Under the Dome".

I spend most my days with my sweet little Mini Pom Gizmo...
I am married to the love of my life, Dave!! He truly is the sweetest man on the planet:) to pass the love...

Dance, Love, Dine

Finding Radiance

Wanna Be Balanced Mom

Destination Unknown

From Chaos Comes Happiness

There ya' go. Please go read these blogs, ladies. I read soooo many...these are a few I truly enjoy:)

Let me know how your week is going. I am eating better, working out and really focusing on my hunger. If I'm not doesn't go in my mouth. Let me know how you're doing!!

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Thank you so much! Thanks for steering me over to your "other" blog! I will follow now.

  2. Ooh - interesting! Do you read Dean Koontz too? I just finished his latest.

  3. Congratulations on the award! Your blog is great you deserve it. Thanks for the recommendation on that bb app—will have to check that out. And please share more about that art journal in the future—sounds interesting! =)