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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Power of Lists

As you can tell from previous posts I get overwhelmed pretty easy. Without the support of my family and friends I am quite certain I would be a puddle of goo. Something that helps me almost as well are my lists. Oh how I love lists!!

I have lists for....

*blog posts ideas
*art projects
*healthy foods
*workouts I do
*my favorite movies  and ones I want to see
and of course I have my "Daily To-Do" list.

These lists give me power. They clear my head and make me feel less anxious. Lists allow me to focus my energies on the task at hand rather than constantly running what it is I need to do through my head over and over again. It's amazing how something so easy can have such an impact on my day.

Last night I sat down and created 4 lists for my week...I feel better already! I know what posts I'm gonna write, what healthy meals I'm preparing and what my family and I have to do this week. It's liberating!

If you don't make lists or haven't for awhile I encourage you to do so today. I am a firm believer that my lists help tremendously with my weight loss!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this! Do you make lists? Do they help you have a healthier week?


  1. I love "to do" lists when I have a lot going on. Right now I only have one of those, for the administrative stuff I do for a charitable foundation. I made lists for my teen when he was working on college apps.

    I have a huge blog list! Pages and pages long. It has tons of ideas for future posts, all my past post titles and dates for quick reference, and the posts I am working on now.

  2. I do lists at work for experiments, and lists when I am going to travel as to things I need to do beforehand, and grocery lists, but otherwise I don't. I guess I just don't have that many thoughts!

    Polar's Mom

  3. I love lists too...and special paper for lists -lol. One of the reasons I love lists is that I forget things if I don't write them down and I sleep better at night because I don't have to keep running my list through my head so I don't forget. Does that make sense?

  4. Honestly, (like I would lie to you hear...) as far as lists go I have had a love-hate relationship with them. As I have matured, it is ok to giggle a bit at that thought; I have come to embrace lists for important stuff. Certainly in my mission to get healthy I have put lists to use and I will say without hesitation that they have helped.

    Especially when I find myself in a plateau or dip in performance, listing things out I have done & need to do has helped me get moving again.