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Thursday, January 20, 2011

One Pound

My husband and I are participating in Maryville's Biggest Loser Challenge. Yesterday, after one week on our plan I lost one pound.

Yep, just one.

Really? Just ONE?!

I was disappointed. 

But then, last night I read in a weight loss magazine that it's perfectly normal and healthy to lose just one to tw pounds a week. I'm pretty sure I already knew that but it was pretty sweet to read. One pound doesn't seem like a lot...I mean those people on the Biggest Loser? WOW! One guy lost 41 pounds in ONE week!! That's crazy...and pretty unrealistic for us in the real world. I mean does anybody out here have the time to spend 8 hours on a treadmill? No.

So I am down one pound. 
I have 25 to go to my goal. 
Which brings me to another point.
It's time to break this weight loss goal of mine into baby steps.
Yep. Teeny tiny mini goals.
While I'm at it I think it would be fun
to throw in a few rewards for reaching my tiny milestones.
Anything to help me reach my goals right?:)

Today is a snow day here. I am loving it! No running the kids around today. We are all stuck here which rocks! On my agenda? Finishing up my art room. I am going through my supplies and re-organizing. Feels so good. When that's done {plus more than a few loads of laundry} thought I'd see if the kids wanted to play our new Wii. Get some activity in.

One more I start taking photos of all my meals. This has been a goal of mine for quite some time...look for those photos in tomorrows post.

How are you doing? What are your thoughts on losing just one pound? How does that make you feel?


  1. I so was thinking about the same thing today! One pound seems so slow and discouraging when it is happening. I hate that. I'd love 2 pounds - for me that is a lot. But realistically, in the past I often lost even less, the darn .5 pound or not even. I think all my yo-yo-ing has made it harder and slower each time.

    Today I literally was counting weeks on my fingers until spring break, thinking "how many pounds could I lose by then?"

    But the thought was fleeting. And reading what I am writing here reminds me that I need to focus on what I am doing rather than how much I am or am not losing. But I sure would love to see those big numbers!!!

  2. Remember: "The journey of one thousand miles begins with one single step". :) I think one pound is a great start to this weight loss journey and im confident it will only get better from here on as you start gaining momentum. i think thats how it is for the majority of us when we embark on a healthy journey. Best of luck! looking fwd to the food photos!

  3. One pound is a start, not the start you wanted, but at least you're giving it and good go! Hopefully your body adjusts and the scale is friendly going forward. Cheers, Rick

  4. one pound is a great start!

    I have been running over 10 miles a week (up from doing NO EXERCISE AT ALL) for the past 3 weeks, and I have lost... NOTHING!

    I'm not on a diet per se, but I am watching what I eat to make sure that I'm not eating more because I am working out. But yep, the scale has not budged! so hang in there, I am!

  5. thanks, yeah I am focusing on the running, and hoping that the pounds will just come off. I have tried so many times to lose weight, this time I am trying to get healthy.

    (and the run is 10 miles, not 10k - eek!) right now I am up to 4.5 miles on my 'long run' but I have to get to at least 8 miles by may.

  6. One pound a week is 4 pounds in a month - it adds up! Keep going and you'll get to your goal! :-)

  7. Yes, one to two pounds is the preferred amount of weekly weight loss to keep the weight off...good for you!

    Polar's Mom

  8. Every pound we lose needs to be celebrated. I definitely agree in the use of rewards to help keep you focused and have fun with weight loss. Small or big rewards, whatever fits within your means. Whatever you do, have fun while you do this; it will keep you sane.