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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getting Stronger

You know when you first start something and it's hard to get in the groove? You're waking up earlier, not eating as much, working out, trying not to snack...whatever the case may's just all different. And sometimes different is not good. I am a creature of habit after all.

But yesterday I noticed something...a shift in the way I'm thinking, the way I'm eating, the way I'm exercising.

And it's all GOOD.

Very, very good.

My favorite snack at the moment!

I'm not so hungry. I'm not craving sweets as much. 
 I'm feeling lighter, happier and more confident. I am choosing foods like this...fresh blueberries and bananas mixed with plain greek yogurt, drizzled with honey and just a sprinkle of unsalted sunflower seeds. Yum-o!

Yesterday at the gym something amazing happened. I ran and I ran. And I ran some more! This is soooo good. It feels sooo good. I mean I used to be a runner. Like one of those obsessed runners. And I loved it. I craved it. It always lifted my spirits.

That's how my run was yesterday. It lifted me up. I was actually smiling on the treadmill...floating and smiling and sweating. It was the grandest thing I have felt in a long time.

I did it again today.

Life is good:)

What healthy passion did you used to have that would feel so good to start again?


  1. That's awesome!

    Good habits feel so good, so why don't we keep them up?

  2. Love this! I think momentum builds. Both the good and, unfortunately, the bad. Here's to your great momentum on a roll.

  3. If I could taste that snack there it may well become my favorite too, guess I need to go shopping! Huh, smiling on the treadmil; is that allowed?