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Friday, December 31, 2010

One last day....

So a few days ago I came up with 5 mini goals to follow this week...

1. Make it to the gym 5 days this week.
2. Drink to 32 ounce glasses of water a day.
3. 1 or 2 Diet soda's ONLY this week.
4. Keep a food journal for the next 7 days.
5. NO SUGAR {the only exception is my son's cake today-a sliver}

Here is my progress....

1. Made it to the gym 3 times this week. Today I couldn't leave my house {we had an ice storm last night} but I could have worked out at home but chose to sleep in....the other day I did wake up early but ended up writing most of the morning. Overall I feel good about my workouts this week. It's more than I had been doing for a month or so. I found a machine I just love, too. It's a stair climber/elliptical thing. It's fun and really works my legs! 

2. I have been drinking more water this week than I have in months!! Really happy with this:)

3. As of today I have been Diet Soda free for 6 days!!! I don't even miss it! I just KNOW I can do this:) Read more about this here. 

4. Okay, food journals and me rarely work but I have done okay this week. Writing down even the bad stuff {and yes, there has been bad stuff}. This is one of my main goals for clean eating so I must work on this. Eventually {when I get my camera back} I plan on posting pics here of what I eat.

5. Okay, so this NO SUGAR thing hasn't worked out so well. I did enjoy a piece of my son's cake but then I've enjoyed mini candy bars and cookies, far everyday this week. I keep telling myself "Les, you aren't drinking diet soda...enjoy a piece of sugar." Driving me nuts!! HOWEVER, as I go another day without diet soda I am gaining steam at saying no to sugar. I WILL do this!

So, while I haven't reached my goals 100% I am doing better in some areas than I ever imagined {the diet soda} I mean I ADORE diet soda...and I haven't had one in SIX DAYS!! WHOO HOO!

Tonight's game plan for New Year's Eve is a steak meal with my yummy salad and potatoes. Our munchies will be few...mostly veggies with dip, guacamole and chips and Ro-tel with Velveeta and chips. 

I am just gonna enjoy the night hanging with family and playing the Wii and shuffleboard. Love it!!!


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  1. There is that great saying - progress, not perfection. Sounds to me like a lot of progress was made:) Happy New Year!