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Monday, December 27, 2010

Start NOW!

Today...a part of you may be feeling hopeless. You may be thinking to yourself....

"I have nothing to wear."
"Nothing fits!"
"Why did I eat all that SUGAR!!?"
"I will NEVER be thin and healthy and pretty...NEVER!!"
"I hate myself today."
"I am just too far gone...too much fat, too out of shape...."

Are any of these statements sounding familiar?

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." ... Confucius
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 I have recited over and over in my mind each of those statements over the past 72 hours. Holidays are hard on me. Every year I tell myself that THIS time it will be different. THIS time I won't eat all that junk.

But, like always I didn't listen to myself...I mean I was telling myself "Don't do it, Les" but I did it anyway.

Along with the festivities the past 72 hours I have managed to eat dozens of cookies, 1/2 lb. of fudge, countless pieces of chocolate along with bags of potato chips, dips and cheese. Oh my goodness the CHEESE!!!

It is time to stop the madness. It is time to forgive and forget and move forward!!! Like Confucious says it is time we rise up and get our groove on!!

Today I want you to STOP making excuses. Today I want you to forgive yourself and start fresh!! Today I want you to set 5 goals for the week...just for THIS week! You can do it! Here are mine...

1. Make it to the gym 5 days this week.
2. Drink to 32 ounce glasses of water a day.
3. 1 or 2 Diet soda's ONLY this week.
4. Keep a food journal for the next 7 days.
5. NO SUGAR {the only exception is my son's cake today-a sliver}

Now it's your turn. Take a piece of paper right now and jot down 5 goals you can accomplish this week!! 

You CAN do it!!!

Share one goal with us...inspire us!!


  1. That photo is amazing. Inspiring.

  2. Love the photo! And I definitely know how you feel in regards to how hard the holidays can be on us when we're trying to eat healthy. Ive also had more sugar than normal this past weekend. But, I decided to leave that in the past and move forward...getting back on track!!! We're only human :)

  3. I need to join in..... let me think about my goals.

  4. My goal is to get to Zumba this week and drink more water!

    I wrote about it over at: