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Monday, December 20, 2010

Why Can't I Get a Grip?

As much as I love Christmas I do not like all the food that goes along with it. Seriously!

I had been doing so well. 
Eating pretty clean, lots of veggies
and NOT overeating at all. 
Then...Baking Day came. 
Oh boy. Talk about sugar overload!!!

So I posted on FB why is it I feel soooo bad...headache, weak and shaky yet I continue to stuff cookies in my face! 
The Blogs on the right side all inspire me. And I know, once the New Year gets underway I will do better. I am trying to do better right now. Today I made it to the GYM! Talk about something I needed desperately. It was wonderful getting back to the treadmill and bike. I put in 3 miles this morning!

So, I haven't been doing my best but I promise myself and you that I won't give up. And I will keep this blog, documenting my journey to my skinny self. 

I hope you will join me.


  1. Ahhh I know how it feels to have a sugar overload. But I often feel like going back to the gym is like being "born again". I think the gym helps tons in getting rid (or at least taming) the wild sweet tooth most of us have.

  2. Don't beat yourself up! The holidays are a time of overindulgence, but it's almost over and if you're still making an effort to get to the gym and make some healthy choices, you're way ahead of most! I'm starting my healthy plan on Jan. 2nd and I'm thinking about creating a blog for it. You're my inspiration! :-)