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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Battle Lost: Round Two

So, here I was bragging about how I beat the donut...even though it kept "speaking" to me...I thought I had won.


You see, after having the longest conversation of my life with myself...the donut finally won. I gave in. 

After the movie, after everyone else was asleep, I snuck into our kitchen and just stared at those two, lucious looking glazed donuts. My mouth began to water. My heart raced.

I took a bite.

Then another and another. 

Before I knew it one donut was finished.

I drank a class of water and told myself that was it.

Then, instead of heading back upstairs I gobbled the other one down in seconds.

The donut won.

I lost.

But today is a NEW day.

Lesson learned?

I can't have donuts in my house EVER!!!

“If you get up one more time than you fall you will make it through.” Chinese Proverb


  1. I agree with the lesson learned!!! It should make things just a little easier not to have temptations at home. But I've been in your shoes before! I like your attitude of just learning from the experience and moving FWD! :). Im also loving that chinese proverb!

  2. I've done that before, Leslie, all smug and thinking I've won, only to have whatever it is call and call me. I'm like you - just don't have it in the least for now - maybe forever.

  3. Ah, I have been there and done that. Had that great willpower success only to later succumb. I am a big believer in tossing food in the trash. Wish I was wise enough to toss it when the food first starts whispering, rather than when I have already given in. And I wish my husband was on board with not bringing certain foods into the house. You were cruising along with great success, Leslie. I am confident this little blip is nothing more than a little blip:)

  4. Oh yes, me too! I can do well all day long and then BAM something gets in my crawl and I think I have to eat it. The good thing is there's always tomorrow.

  5. 2 Doughnuts aren't bad, as long as your burning off more then your taking in. Kinda like what your proverb says at the end of the post, remember that. Your actually making progress.