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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 2 and everything is okay....

I am busy. Currently I am working on a 31 Days Creative Challenge on my other blog and I am supposed to be guest posting on another blog and I am in charge of a benefit dinner and auction for a dear friend coming up in May and my house is messy and needs my attention and I am Co-Camp Director for the young women in our Church and I have lots to plan for that by June 6th and I teach early morning class at my church to the youth 5 days a week. 

And did I mention my house is a mess with laundry and clean clothes piles everywhere, papers and stuff littering every table top.

I am busy.

We all are though, aren't we?

But I am very proud to say that even though I am feeling pressure to get more done in one day than one woman should have to do...I managed to workout.

I did.

It's true.

Today I spent 38 minutes in my space lifting weights, doing step moves on the step bench, crunches, leg lifts and stretching. It was awesome.

I give myself a B for the workout and an A for making an effort:)

"Be grateful for thankful."  -William Saroyan

What have you done lately that you deserve an A for?


  1. Yay you, sometimes just putting for that effort is a huge win!! :D

  2. wow you sure are busy! Sooooo very proud that you were able to fit in that workout!! :) You've actually inspire me to find some Latin work out videos. They look like fun!