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Friday, March 11, 2011

Battle Won

So, here's the conversation I've been having with myself most of the day....

"Mmmmmmm, those donuts sure do look good."

"Yes, they do, but you don't need one."

"Oh, just's Friday after all."

{i eat one}

"Oh, my that was the best glazed donut I've ever had. I should have another one!!"

"No! One is enough. You won't blow it as long as you keep it to ONE!!"

{a few hours pass...I am cleaning house and there, on the counter are the donuts}

"I have been working so hard this afternoon. I deserve another donut. They look soooo good. And they are soooooo doughy and chewy and sweet...."

"Think about how you want to look in your clothes this summer."

"Oh, I know. I want to look nice but it's Friday. A laid back day."

"But if you eat that donut you will disappoint yourself. You have been doing so good!!"

"True, but I don't weigh until Wednesday...I can lose 2 pounds by then."

"Drink water, have an apple...just DO NOT eat that donut!!!"

"Oh, win! I think I'll go blog about it!"

So, that's the way it was today.

Donut: Loser
Me: Winner

What are you winning at today?


  1. That's great, Leslie. It's nice to be the winner!! Pinning a first place ribbon on you.

  2. Winner Winner Winner - good for you!!